Gluten Free Reimagined

We specialize in the manufacturing of gluten-free baked goods and flour mixes. Breads, cakes, chocolate chip cookies or a pizza base flour blend - if we're talking gluten-free, let us take charge for you. 


Our Story

Once upon a time, 20 years ago...


"When our first daughter was born, we were told that she had coeliac disease. We needed to find gluten free products, which were tasty, appealing and affordable.

This was no easy task!

Here our journey began...

After 20 years of research and experimenting, we have found the perfect recipes of appetizing and tasty pastries.

We are delighted to offer you our very own unique delicious products."

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Enjoyment and flavour in every bite

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Our mission

Why choose BGF Patisserie?

We aim to create gluten free foods which appeal to all - not just as an allergy or health option, thereby not compromising on quality and taste.

All our baked goods are sold frozen to ensure a naturally sustained freshness with no added preservatives. 

We produce gluten free goods that we hope will enable you to connect, celebrate and love. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. 

From raw ingredient to packaged good, we work with reputable suppliers and skilled expertize so that only the finest sits on your plate. 

"Interrupting the gluten free evolution. Creating for you something new, tastier, better."


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